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Who's going to collect the mail? Which bills do I need to pay before I go? Who's going to mow the lawn?

These are just some of the things that might be going through your mind before you go away. Don't let these worries spoil your getaway.

Care 4 Services provides the ultimate in home care services whilst you are away or just too busy.

Care 4 Services are replacing your old fashioned friendly neighbours; and will take care of all your needs and keep you informed of any issues that may arise while you are away, this way you will be sure to have one of the best getaways ever.

We will simply be you when you’re away; your home will have the impression of an occupied home at all times.

A list of some of our Services:

•    Lawn Mowing
•    Edging
•    Yard cleaning
•    Watering Pots & Plants
•    Garden weeding
•    Ironing & Alterations
•    Mail collection and storage
•    Bill paying services
•    Removing junk mail
•    Removing newspapers
•    Removing cob webs & sweeping
•    Putting out Bins on specified days
•    Maintain Aquariums and Fish Ponds
•    Starting your vehicle to prevent battery going flat
•    Airport transfers
•    Organise Tradesmen
•    Grocery shopping

So when you return from holidays you have absolutely nothing to worry about, no cleaning, no yard maintenance, no shopping, we will take care of everything.

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